What You Should Know

The time leading up to a big move can be scary and stressful. The more you know about what to expect, the smoother the process will go for everyone. Here are some helpful tips and bits of information about what you’ll get from Advantage Moving, that can help you gear up for the big day.


Our targeted moving software bases its estimates on a per-item system, rather than estimating the number of hours that will be spent on the move. This helps keep us from rushing the job, and keeps you from overspending.

On-Location Estimates

In most cases, we do not have to be on-site to provide you with an accurate quote. With your completed quote form and online inventory, we will create an estimate and send you a proposal via email. You can then evaluate and make your plans accordingly.

Padding and Shrink Wrapping

We will bring supplies for padding and shrink-wrapping. We will also pad many items in the house, instead of just focusing on the truck. For certain pieces we even pad and stretch wrap them for extra protection.

Furniture Assembly

If certain items need to be disassembled/reassembled for your move, we will include the service in your overall estimate. Just let us know which items need to be broken down before we get started. (There are a few exceptions this rule: you should contact the vendor for help in breaking down play sets, pool tables and home gyms for a move.)


If you just have clothes, linens, tablecloths or other unbreakable items in your dresser drawers, there is no need to empty them out before your move. Anything that is breakable, however, should be emptied from your dresser and packed more carefully in boxes.

Floor Protection

We will protect your floors and carpets with all the right tools of the trade: masonite, padded floor runners, and plastic covering for carpets; we just need to know upfront that your floors will require this kind of protection. We will also use doorjamb covers and pads to protect handrails and staircases.

Furniture Placement

We will gladly place your furniture wherever you specify, in your new location. Just let us know where you want it!


Rain is not usually enough to stop the pros at Advantage Moving from completing your move. It might slow us down, though, so keep that in mind if the weather looks a little glum.


We do not include gratuity in our estimates, and we do not expect any set amount in tipping from our customers. You should tip your Advantage movers the amount that you feel most comfortable with.



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"Advantage Moving pledges to provide to the people of Austin and Central Texas a moving experience unsurpassed in customer service & satisfaction, unequaled in care & concern for your valuables, and unmatched in both excellence and value."