Moving Day

Moving Day

2016-11-11_22-53-59The day of your move can be stressful and scary – but with the right team helping you, it can be an easy and exciting experience instead. Let the team at Advantage Moving help you get prepared. We’ll arrive at your home on time and ready to go… follow a few easy steps, and you’ll be ready, too.

Check Your Inventory

Start by double-checking your inventory list. Our estimated amount for your move is always based on the items and conditions listed here, so it’s important to make sure we’re on the same page. Avoid surprises by reviewing each item and noting any conditions that might make the move harder (a steep driveway, stairs or an extra long hallway might be examples). If you notice anything not already listed on your inventory sheet, let our team know right away.

Get Your Family Squared Away

Make sure your pets and kids are where they need to be on the day of the move. Pets should be secured or sent off premise – if they are loose they can get in the way of our movers, causing needless delays.
Smaller kids who like to wander might also be better off at a friend’s house for the day. Moving can be a rough, dirty business, and kids don’t always understand that. It’s safer for everyone if they’re kept out of the way.

Remove Obstructions

Please be sure to clear any driveways or walkways of vehicles, debris or other blockages before our team arrives. Think ahead and reserve a parking space elsewhere before the day of the move, if that’s necessary. Loose rugs or other floor coverings should be removed, to avoid tripping or damage as furniture is being pulled away. And you might want to sweep dirt or mud away, to avoid it tracking into the house.

Pack, Tape, and Break It Down

Before the movers get there, be sure your boxes are all packed up. Check each box to be sure it is taped securely (both top and bottom) and clearly labeled by room. (Each box should be labeled on the top and at least one side.) Drawers should be empty except for clothing and linens.
Unless you’ve made other arrangements with the Advantage team or another contractor, items like your washer and dryer, cribs, beds, desks, and attached mirrors/shelves should be disassembled and/or disconnected before the day of your move. Electronic equipment like DVD players, VCRs, cable boxes, stereos and phone systems must be disconnected (and later reconnected) independently, as well. Be sure to drain all lawn mowers, leaf blowers and other yard equipment of fuel, and remove propane tanks.
(Also, be aware that Advantage Moving can’t move propane or fuel tanks, or any other potentially hazardous materials.)

Have a Plan

Be ready with a plan for your move-in… even if you’re not exactly sure, you should at least have an idea of which room each large item should be placed in.
And have your payment ready, too. Keep your credit card or check on hand to make the whole experience “move” faster and more smoothly. (Tips are welcome, but not mandatory.)


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